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Dental Practice Consulting

Welcome to a new chapter in your practice. Recognizing challenges is the very first step in the right direction. Let’s also acknowledge that it is human nature to resist change. Making a conscious decision to tackle what brought you here in the first place is responsible. You’ve heard it before, but working smarter, not harder is actually achievable. Thrive is listening and ready to be the vehicle that gets you where you want to be.

We work with underperforming dental teams across the United States and we recognize every single team of professionals function differently. There’s no blanket approach here, no 1-size-fits-most solution. Whether your team is coasting through their day or under pressure, we will help create a seamless process. Regardless of which end you’re on today, we might have a little fun in the process. Yep, I said it.

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A few tough questions…

It can be difficult to translate certain hurdles into cost, but here are some important topics to consider in your day-to-day operations that could be tampering with your bottom line:

  • Does everyone play well together on your team?

  • Are you rushing out of the office every day after your last patient?

  • Are you seeing 5% growth this month as opposed to this time last year?

  • Are you happy with the number of new patients every month?

  • More importantly, do they value your dentistry?

  • How’s your cash-flow situation?

  • How are your ratings on Google? Yelp? Healthgrades?

  • How do your colleagues rate on these platforms?

  • Is your team open-minded to learning new methods?

  • How do you feel about asking your current patients for referrals?

  • Are you staffed and equipped for same-day dentistry?

  • Are your patients returning for their proposed treatment?

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Why We Do What We Do

After years of experiencing big, impersonal firms, we decided to come together to create a new concept.  We have a vision to create a single platform for a multitude of resources.

Whether it’s off-site at Thrive Academy, on-site at your practice, or catching the Zoom wave, we want to help you get the support and coaching you need to Thrive!

Michael Huguet, D.D.S.



We’re Giving Back

Right now we are giving back to our professional community who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 with a complimentary practice analysis and Zoom session.